What Makes a Good Bookkeeper?

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A business’s finances are the most important part of running it. If you don’t have someone qualified to oversee the books, it can drive your business into the ground.

So how do you know what to look for in a bookkeeper? Here are four must-have characteristics you should consider.

They Learn your Business

Bookkeepers don’t just crunch numbers. They get to know your business, what it sells, and what your customers are like. They learn the risks and rewards your business faces and provide sound advice based on their expertise and what they’ve learned about your business.

Bookkeepers do more than give your books straight. They ensure your business is continuously growing and making smart financial decisions, and they can’t do that unless they get to know your business.

They Have Extensive Experience

Trusting your books to an outsider is a big deal. Your bookkeeper should have plenty of experience so that you can trust them with your books. They should also help you understand the things you don’t know about bookkeeping, yet you won’t have to watch over their shoulder to make sure they’re doing what they should.

An experienced bookkeeper will put together reports, give advice, and provide the necessary information so you can make the right financial decisions. They are your right-hand man in decision-making, providing you with everything you need.

They Should Act Professional

Your bookkeeper should stay educated on the latest tax laws and changes and ensure you are 100% compliant t all times. They might use tax software and should be able to update you in real time with any questions you have about your financial situation.

A bookkeeper should be able to save you time by handling all things finance, such as invoicing, recording transactions, creating purchase orders, and supplying any reports you need on demand.

They Should be Efficient

Bookkeepers should be able to multitask and handle as many projects as you throw at them. In addition, they should be able to provide reports on time, file necessary paperwork, and alert you of any problems in real time.

Final Thoughts

Your bookkeeper should be the jack-of-all-trades, ensuring your financial documents are up-to-date. No task should be too large or small for your bookkeeper, and you should be able to trust him/her 100%.

If you’re looking for a new bookkeeper and want a professional who will hold themselves to the highest degree of professionalism for your business, contact me today!


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