Tax Planning

Protect Your Investment Property with Expert Tax Advice

Tax Planning Services in Bay Area

The first thing to remember about taxes is that the IRS’s own manual clearly says, right in Section 25, that: “Avoidance of tax is not a criminal offense. Taxpayers have the right to reduce, avoid, or minimize their taxes by legitimate means.” Whether you need tax planning for real estate investment, a small business, or a business idea, Bay Area Bookkeeping can help.

The best reason to choose a dedicated tax professional is that we can help you solve many of your tax-related problems before they ever begin. We’ve seen the tax process play out year after year for countless businesses and clients, which gives us the experience to guide you away from both obvious and obscure pitfalls.

You never want to miss legitimate deductions or opportunities to reduce your tax burden. No one wants to pay the government more than they legally have to. But, trusting inexperienced or unprofessional accountants can leave you with penalties, fines, and even audits that can trouble your business for years. Don’t risk the headaches and surprises of an inexperienced accountant. Trust Bay Area Bookkeepers to guide you through the process of minimizing your tax burden by every penny the law allows.

When Should I Start Tax Planning?

The best time to start was yesterday, but the second best time is today. Are you thinking of buying an investment property? Then the right time to consult a tax professional is right now. Have you already bought that investment property and are discovering that your tax costs are higher than you anticipated? Don’t feel bad, that happens to many people. You still have time to work with a tax planning expert and avoid inflated tax bills from now on.

Quality Tax Planning is not a mad dash right before the tax deadline. It’s a process that happens year-round that understands your business, evaluates your circumstances, and crafts a personally tailored tax plan to reduce your tax burden and shield you from liability. Don’t make the mistake of only calling a tax professional when it’s tax time. Yes, of course, getting a professional late is better than never. But the best way to reduce your tax bill is to plan ahead while making major decisions throughout the year.

You plan ahead with every other aspect of your business. Why not hire Bay Area Bookkeeping to put that same level of effort into helping you keep your money? You worked hard for it, you deserve to keep it.