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Is your business just binging in an accountant at the end of the year to make sure everyone did their math right, before forgetting about bookkeeping until next year? Lots of businesses do. But this lack of attention to consistent bookkeeping misses the vital role that accountants and CPAs play to increase your bottom line. Forward-thinking executives understand that high quality accounting advice is necessary to make the most accurate decisions that set them up for sustained success.  If you want to grow your business, insight from an experienced CPA like Shaan Afridi can help you build lasting success that minimizes your tax burden and lets you keep every penny of your money that the law allows.

Why Should You Hire an Accounting Firm to Handle Your Bookkeeping?

Yes, expert bookkeeping in the Bay Area, and the rest of the state, is critical to the success of your business, but devoting in-house resources to bookkeeping is extremely inefficient for most businesses. On one end, you may have someone who isn’t sufficiently versed in tax law because bookkeeping isn’t their full time profession. On the other hand, hiring a full time bookkeeper for a small or medium sized businesses often represents a misallocation of capital, since there isn’t a full week’s worth of work for them every week.

How do you budget for bookkeeping?

The solution is to bring in a top tier accountant for as many hours as makes sense for your specific needs. This will free up capital for your core business operations, while still getting relief from excessive tax burdens that can be difficult for inexperienced bookkeepers to navigate. Bookkeeping matters to your bottom line, but you’d rather save your time and mental energy for your core business goals. That’s why outside bookkeeping services are the simple solution for your business needs.


If you need the best bookkeeping services in the Bay Area, from San Francisco to San Jose, and everywhere in between, Bay Area Bookkeeping can help. You could waste another year on inefficient, costly bookkeeping, but why should you when there’s an easy solution? Let us handle your books and we’ll let you can focus on what you do best: growing your business.